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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:50 pm

1: No bullying others in the Forums. This is a no no. If I get a message or if i catch you being a total jackass, and just being plain stupif then you will be removed from the Forums. Okay? Understand? Good.

2: Goddmodding. There is really no reason for you to be goddmodding. If you don't know what Goddmodding is, its where you control another person's character. Also not taking any damage when it is put against you. There is no goddmodding. Please don't do that.

3: Okay so I am allowing some cussing in this Forums. Yes, yay. But, must keep that cussing to a minimum please. I don't want you to use a cuss word every other word that you say, or your character says and such. Thats the only rule. It will be corrected if seen okay?

4: Yes, I am also allowing some sexual contact as well. You can let your characters grab onto each other and such, as well as sex.  Thats allowed the threads, but make sure when you do put that there, just put a warning as you make the thread that there will be that within the Role-Play.

5: I am allowing some drug use. But it has to be small and only had be pot. That's the only one I will allow to be seen by others. If you want to do more in private message, I can't stop you there.

6: Follow the Role-Play rules please. If someone posts rule son their Role-Play you must follow them, even if they are the opposite of the rules that are posted here. That's what those people want from you, so it must be done. If I find out from them, or someone else I will let the Role-Play creator know you have been blocked from the Role-Play. 

7: Please have fun while you are here. And if you have any questions, feel free to message me and ask. I will answer them when I can.
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Site Rules
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