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 The Light Reborn

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PostSubject: The Light Reborn   Wed Oct 01, 2014 6:49 pm

-Table of Contents
- Warning
-My Character
-Open Sign

Do not post, until the open sign is posted.
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PostSubject: Re: The Light Reborn   Wed Oct 01, 2014 6:53 pm

The Following Role-Play may contain: Fowl Language, Sexual Themes, Violence, Blood/Gore, A lot of Romance, BxB (maybe), and Religious Themes. Lurkers lurk at your own risk, and if you can't handle any of this then don't read further. You have been warned.

Harder Plot:
Many hundreds of years back there was a war. A terrible war against humans and demons. But among all the fighting between the two speices, two managed to fall in love. That's right. Fall in love. A human and a very powerful demon. The two of them loved each other very much, and would die for each other. He would risk his life to make sure she was safe, and visa versa. And it remained that way through-out the very long war. But sadly, the young human girl grew sick after the war had ended. She passed away from her sickness in the demon's arms, leaving him alone in the world once again. But he did not forget her.

As the years went by, this girl would get reborn every fifty years, but the sad thing was when this demon found her again she could not remember a thing about him. She would go on, and his love would remain one sided until she would remember him once again. And she would die in his arms every time, leaving his alone with his own tears. Once again, she was reborn. But not as he had hoped. He was reborn this time as a boy. Yes a boy. But still he had no memory of what is going on with him.

Basic Plot:
The world as we know it is falling into darkness. Demons are running free, killing people as they see fit. No one is putting them in their place. Good has seemed to have fled from the world. Until he was reborn. Now the power demon has awoken, and so have the Zwelts. They are now awake and found the reborn person, and have vowed to protect him. For now he is "God's Light", and will restore the Good in the hope and happiness to the world before the darkness and evil get a hold of it and destory it all. For if  "God's Light" dies, the happiness and hope dies along with him.
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The Light Reborn
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